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Locally owned and operated since 1985

Four Indiana locations: Evansville, Jasper, New Castle and Vincennes.

Prospective Employees

We accept applications daily and in many cases, if accepted, you can start work immediately. We handle many types of placements including light industrial, general labor, warehouse and administrative to name a few. For non variable employees, health insurance plans that meet the Affordable Health Care Act Guidelines are offered to employees after 90 days.

Why use a staffing agency if you are looking for a job?

Our sole business purpose is to interview and place applicatns on jobs.  Many companies will use an agency, like ours, because it is a speedier process than going through the permanent hire process. It also serves as a good working interview. Not only can the client observe work performance, attitude and attendance but an employee can also try the job and determine if it's a good fit. 

Prospective Employers

Being locally owned and operated has many advantages. We offer excellent sevice at a fraction of what a national franchise or corporately owned company would charge. Being local allows us to pass our savings and low overhead on to our clients. Our phones are answered 24 hours by a placment coordiantor. We do not use an after hour service or machine.

As am employer, why should I use a staffing agency?

Our job is to constantly recurit and interview applicants. Where many companies have human resources as a fraction of their business, this is all we do.  Hiring though Aciton is an excelent working interview. Employees can be hired after working 400 horus with no fee. 

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