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Find Qualified Employees for Your Business

Find Qualified Employees for Your Business

We provide expert staffing solutions in Vincennes, Evansville, Jasper and New Castle, IN

Are you looking for an experienced candidate for a new position opening in your company? Do you want to expand your business but need the manpower to get the job done? Work with the pros at Action Staffing Inc. for industrial staffing services in New Castle, Vincennes, Evansville or Jasper, IN. Our team will match you with a variety of potential employees in the industrial sector for you to choose from.

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Learn more about our hiring process

When you hire us for staffing solutions, we follow a direct process to ensure you get the right employees for your company's needs. Here's how it works:

  • You contact us and we take a job order
  • We discuss your needs and give you a quote
  • Both parties sign a contract
  • We pay the employee, then invoice you based on hours worked

If you have any questions about industrial staffing, call us at 812-479-8373 today.

Looking For An Employee?

We offer a broad range of staffing solutions including temporary, temporary to hire and direct staffing. We provide full payroll services including worker's compensation, general liability and taxes. Drug screening and criminal background checks are performed at no charge to our clients. Action Staffing offers health care plans to our employees in compliance with the American Health Care Act.

Ask us about the following services offered at no additional fee:

* Custom tailored orientation programs
* Pre-screening services designed to fit your company requirements
* OSHA Training and Certification